Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to design in a house. You can not afford the replacement every time it gets damage. Several bathroom floor tile ideas help many people to renovate their bathroom in much better way. The concept behind designing your bathroom should be such that you must love it for a prolonged period of time. Designing your bathroom can be a huge project to grill designers or architects. For a fervent design enthusiast it is like a dream project whether it is his own or as a profession. 

Some sensible advice

bathroom floor tile ideas

  • To create greater sense of space in your bathroom, go for long tiles.
  • Splurge on handmade tiles if you are really concern about the look, warmth and old world feelings. Handmade tiles are very popular in historic monuments. Use them to add a sense of patina and age to your bathroom.
  • Choose neutral colored tiles as far as bathrooms are concerned.
  • Provide your own shapes and design to bathroom tiles which represent your style statement.
  • Use different colors and pattern for bathroom floor and walls to provide a spacious look.
  • You can use green, blue or violet colors for serene types of bathroom or to provide spa effect.

Attributes in the most likeable bathroom tile

bathroom floor tile ideas

  • Inviting

  • Nothing too fussy that is something which can be easily maintained.

  • Clean lines

  • Warm colors like beige and white. They even reflect a huge amount of light in your bathroom.

  • Avoid antiseptic effect by rejecting the white grouts. Choose the right white. There are several shades available in white.

  • Something which provides a slip resistance surface

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Well you might be aware of vinyl tiles, laminate tiles, etc. for flooring purpose. Which tile is good for your bathroom is a deciding factor. There are many new exciting floor tiles available in the market. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Mosaic bathroom floor tiles

bathroom floor tile ideas

  • Pebbled mosaic tiles:

It goes well along with potted plants and chrome fixtures in your bathroom. Mosaic with matte finish is even a better substitute.

bathroom floor tile ideas

  • Ceramic bathroom floor tiles:

Well it is a hard job for a newbie to elect ceramic tiles as it has many points to consider during installation. Beyond all considerations it is one of the best choices. It is one of the most durable materials found ever. It is even resistant to dampness or moisture. Most important factor to consider is the safety inside a bathroom as most of the fractures happen in bathroom only. Ceramic makes easy for you to walk on floor when wet. It is not all fussy that means you do not have to maintain it. So it includes most of the features of most likeable bathroom tiles.

bathroom floor tile ideas

  • Glass Accent floor tiles:

This is too flexible in providing any type of shapes, designs and size to bathroom floor tiles. They have enough potential to add vibrant features to any type of applications.

bathroom floor tile ideas      

  • Liquid lava tiles:

They contain liquid seals which changes colors when stepped on. This is an interesting new modular floor tile system. It is not at all recommended to overlay your entire floor with this funky material. Instead use it to provide fun effect. Use it in your bathroom floors to add excitement especially for kids. Your child will never hesitate to brush or take bath.

 bathroom floor tile ideas      

  • Travertine Floor Tiles:

It is quite popular among the interior decorators because of its natural stone-like appearance. Travertine category includes Tumble finished tiles ad home finished tiles.

bathroom floor tile ideas
Bronze tiles in limestone travertine marble floor

    Spice up your bathroom with fancy tiles. Bathroom floor tile ideas help you in deciding the best theme for your bathroom. Do not just use any type of tile. Instead decide the theme first then use the tiles accordingly. Above photos are enough to take the inspiration to design your floor accordingly. So to make your bathroom evergreen choose tiles with care and have an eye of sophistication.

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